More than pumps...we sell, service, design, install and maintain ground, surface and treated water supply systems throughout the wine country. Below are some of the services we offer:


With over 50 years in the business we are Northern California’s pump experts, working with a wide variety of pump types and brands for residential, agricultural and commercial/municipal uses.  We will service your existing system or  work with you to design a new pump system. Our warehouse and repair shop is stocked with the pumps and parts to get your system up and running.

Submersible Pumps

With both the pump and connected motor submerged in water, submersibles are most often used in vertical water wells, however, horizontal floating systems can be used in agricultural reservoirs and inclined systems can be used in “slant tubes” at reservoir embankments. Increased “head” or pressure can be obtained by increasing the number of stages or bowls. Four inch diameter pump/motor combinations, commonly used in 5” or 6” diameter residential wells are available from 5-90 gpm.  Larger units, in capacities up to 1500 GPM and 200HP, are available for agricultural, commercial or municipal use.  Short coupled units, installed in a can or pot, usually below grade to minimize noise, are used as booster pumps; i.e. to provide flow at increased pressure.  Submersible pumps, when acting as booster pumps, can also be installed inside storage tanks.

Booster Pumps

A booster pump is any type of pump used to increase pressure, flow rate or both.  Booster pumps are used in conjunction with storage tanks to compensate for low producing wells.  Agricultural booster pumps typically withdraw water from ponds or reservoirs for irrigations purposes.

Jet Pumps

Jet pumps are most commonly found in existing residential shallow wells up to 100 feet in depth.

Centrifugal Pumps

A centrifugal pump normally consists of a single impeller located within a volute case driven by an electric motor or engine.  Most pumps are end suction although split case styles are used for higher capacities.  End suction pumps are available in self priming models.  Other common drive variations include frame mount, SAE engine drive and PTO drive.

Line Shaft Turbine

A typical line shaft turbine pump is installed in a well.  The impellers and bowls, located under water, are connected to an above grade discharge head with column pipe and shafting.  The lineshaft and associated bearings are either oil or water lubricated.  Pumps are driven through a NEMA frame vertical electric motor mounted on the discharge head or a right angle drive mounted on the discharge head and coupled to an engine.  The electric motor can be repaired or replaced as necessary without pulling the pump.  Short coupled pumps are also installed in below grade cans or pots as required.  Numerous other configurations and options are available.  Typical capacities range from about 100 GPM to over 3000 GPM.

Pressure Tanks

Tanks, whether air-over-water or pre-charged bladder style, are used to maintain system pressure and minimize the frequency of pump starts. Tanks of various sizes have drawdown capabilities depending on pressure switch settings.  Tanks should be selected to provide a minimum of one gallon draw down for each gallon per minute of pump capacity.  Large capacity systems may require multiple tanks. Constant pressure type systems require much smaller pressure tanks.

Storage Tanks

Installing a storage tank will provide enough capacity for applications like fire protection, sprinkler systems (new home construction typically require 35-45 GPM) and agricultural applications. We can also help with manways, fittings, site gauges, fire kits, gravel foundation rings, booster pumps and related equipment plus installation and start-up as required. We work with the following types of storage tanks:

  1. Polyethylene (300-10,000 gallon, above grade on any level firm surface)

  2. Cistern (poly) (300-2,500 gallon, heavily ribbed to withstand below grade external pressure)

  3. Concrete (5,000-12,000 gallon, above or below grade)

  4. Steel (corrugated galvanized, bolted or welded 10,000-150,000 gallon for above grade storage)

Filters & Filtration

Some wells produce too much sand and water from reservoirs and recycled water contain weeds, algea, silt and other unwanted debris that can plug your overhead impact sprinkler heads or drip emitters reducing their efficiency. We can evaluate your situation and recommend the most reliable and cost-effective type of filtration. Filtration Technologies include:

  1. Self-Cleaning (Amiad, Yardney, Arkal)

  2. Sand Media

  3. Stainless Steel Wire Weave Screen

  4. Grooved Polyethylene Discs

Turnkey Pump Stations

We have designed and installed over 50 complete turnkey pump stations for vineyard owners and municipalities.  Our staff will work with you to specify the requirements of your system, recommend cost effective, reliable combinations of equipment, controls, piping, wiring, etc. to meet your needs.

Options can include site work, concrete work, electrical service, buildings, fencing and a variety of ancillary items and services. Guaranteed system performance, completion date and firm pricing provided.

Well Capacity & Water Quality Testing

Bartley Pump performs well tests for domestic, irrigation and commercial/municipal clients to determine well flow rate, water level and water quality. Regarding today’s concern about water availability and usage, it is important to know a well’s production capacity and any changes in capacity since it was constructed. It is also important to make sure your well water is safe and free from potential contaminants that can cause health concerns. We can test your water’s quality and make the appropriate treatments:

  1. Well capacity tests utilizing existing pump equipment or company provided test pumps (to 3,000 GPM).

  2. Well inspections for prospective home sellers, buyers and real estate agents.

  3. Water quality testing to ensure potable drinking water for domestic water systems and irrigation well sets.

  4. Certified and Water Scarce Area well tests including all paperwork and required permits.

  5. UV Disinfection and chlorination system installation

Well Rehabilitation

Most well problems occur in older steel cased wells. Disintegration from age, casing splits or holes, well collapse, lost pumps/piping, filling with sand, reduced pump flow rate, air in pipes/faucets, change in water color and/or order are some of the conditions that may require rehabilitation of a well. Plugged well perforations (the most common problem due to mineral incrustation or bacteria growth) can reduce pump flow rate and increase power consumption.

Bartley Pump is knowledgeable in well rehabilitation.  After pulling your pump and taking a well video we will recommend appropriate rehabilitation based on findings.  We can brush, swab, hydro-jet, vibe clean, chemically treat, repair casing damage, bail debris or use other similar techniques to maximize your well’s production.

* We also abandon unused wells in accordance with County requirements.

UV Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) systems free water of disease-causing microorganisms, without the use of chemicals.  In water treatment applications, specialized lamps are used to produce UV light.  As water flows past these lamps, microorganisms in the water are exposed to a lethal dose of UV energy which destroys their ability to function and reproduce.  The process does not affect water taste or odor.  It does not add to or take away anything in the water.  Most UV systems are self-contained and plumbed in line.  They are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to purify the water for a single faucet or an entire water system.

Sump/Effluent/Sewage/Grinder Pump Systems

We can service and repair your existing equipment or provide and install a new system. Additional services include, piping, valves, lift-out rail systems, alarm panels, wiring and more. We work on sump pumps in crawl spaces and basements to protect your home from water damage as well as Confined Space Entry on larger systems.

Call us today if your septic system alarm is sounding or your septic system is backing up or malfunctioning.  We will be glad to help you with some troubleshooting tips over the phone or dispatch a qualified mechanic to repair your system as needed.

Flood Protection Pumps

Bartley Pump has repaired and installed flood protection pumps with capacities of up to 50,000 gallons per minute.  Flood protection pumps protect shopping centers, residential neighborhoods and farms from flood damage so reliability is of the utmost importance.  Bartley Pump has a long history of excellence in the sales, servicing and repair of flood protection pumps and we are very proud of our long service history for both Marin and Sonoma counties. 

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